Driver Trainer Position (Tulare, CA)

29 Sep Driver Trainer Position (Tulare, CA)

  • Average Trainer Pay 950+ weekly
  • Total mileage that the truck runs at Solo Pay rate(No Pay Cut per mile)
  • $100 additional pay weekly that a trainee is seated
  • Potential BONUS’s
    • When student hits 30,000 miles Trainer gets $500
    • When Student hits his 1 year anniversary Trainer gets $300 additional


Qualifications are as follow:

  1. Experienced Drivers and/or Former Trainers must have 30 days with knight
  2. Must have 1 year OTR Experience
  3. Must be a company Driver
  4. Willing to run two weeks at a time
  5. Cannot be dedicated
  6. Appearance must be well groomed
  7. Keep truck clean and organized
  8. Will maintain a less than 45 Smart Driver Score
  9. Stay Current on all safety training
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